We are Bake the Shape

Austria’s Creative Bakery

Our vision – where we’re headed

Our creative bakery products are designed to put a smile on your face  – at home or on the go!

Whether for breakfast, snacks, lunch or dinner – we bake innovative delicacies for every occasion, with or without filling and in a wide variety of fun and unexpected shapes.

Our mission – it’s all about the journey

We harness the creative potential of our employees and partners with our innovative baking method to bring top-quality variety to tomorrow’s bread baskets and lunch boxes.

We want our customers to enjoy these creative and versatile delicacies made in Austria – in  their daily life and on special occasions.

Our history – reshaping years of experience

We are a manufacturer of creative and delicious bakery products based in Upper Austria province. Our headquarters and production facilities are located in Asten near Linz. Our innovative baking method enables us to produce bakery products in almost any shape imaginable, with a strong focus on high quality made in Austria. Our products are available from food retailers, wholesalers in Austria, Switzerland and Germany . 

In 2012, the company has been founded in collaboration with investors to make his idea of a 3D-shaped brand name bread a reality. After years of development and construction, the in-house production facility in Asten went into operation in 2018/18. January 2020 saw the market launch of the Eat the Korn product line, followed shortly afterwards by the addition of the eye-catching Briochy shapes.

The coronavirus pandemic was a major crisis for the young company – the world was in lockdown, all sporting events were canceled, and the food retail industry was struggling under the burden of its obligation to maintain supplies for the population – with little time or interest in new products. Nevertheless, our team made the most of this period to revamp its strategy and product range, ushering in a new era for the company. Now we no longer produce only ball-shaped bakery products, we have expanded our repertoire to include eleven different shapes and five recipes. This was the birth of Bake the Shape – Austria’s Creative Bakery. Thanks to our diverse product portfolio, we are now targeting new consumer groups and concentrating on expanding our product range.